This Path

My name is Amanda Smythia and these are my thoughts.


I’m going to tell you guys a story about the tragedy that occurs on my college campus every Tuesday. It’s hard being from Jackson, home of the only women’s clinic left in Mississippi, and then coming to school to deal with this. Weekly, a group of old men come into our campus to preach hatred through their religion. They always display disgusting images put up on huge posters, and they directly target students walking to class. Not only do the attack women (also shaming them for what they wear), but they also attack non-Christians and the homosexual community. They’ve said some horribly ridiculous things, but the most common thing they do is condemn people to hell. “You’re going to hell. You need to repent.” I’ve come out with a group of individuals every week to speak out against these men. There are atheists, theists, and agnostics on our side. There are people of different sexualities. There are people who are pro-choice and people who are pro-life. There are men and women. And although all of us have different opinions and lifestyles, we have all come together to prove a point. We need to spread positivity and educate women rather than degrade them. I shouldn’t feel the need to fight for my reproductive rights when I should be in class.

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